Kathryn Melani

Human Female Sorceress


Experience 10

Charisma d10
Dexterity d8
Intelligence d10
Perception d6
Psyche d8
Spirit d6
Strength d6
Vitality d6

Health 12
Defense 9
Initiative d10+d6+1
Speed 30
Age 19

Arcana 4, Resist 2, Performing dance 3, Streetwise 3, Athletics 1, Knowledge history 1, Stealth 1, Melee 1

Charismatic, Historian, Weird quality Sorcerer, Lustful, Acrobatic

Longsword dmg 5

Leather armor 1 torso, arms, legs

Talents: 30 weird points

Barrier, Detect, Illusion, Darkvision, Missile


Kathryn as a young child was gifted with magic. Her parents were at their wits end when a wandering stranger came into town and told her parents he could train her. His name name was Quellon and he was cast out of the Guild when his previous student betrayed him and took his spot in the guild.

Kathryn Melani

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