Entropic Gaming System Beta test

We are beta testing the Entropic Gaming System. The beta rules can be found at: http://www.rpgnow.com/product/133261/Entropic-Gaming-System-Core-Rulebook-Open-Beta-Playtest

We are doing a fantasy genre. So far we have a human, elf, and dwarf PC.

Subject to change: current version 5.0

Dwarves: Dwarves are hardy (start with Resist d6), short (Speed is 25ft.), and can
see well in the dark (gain the Dark Vision Ability). They start with only 4

Elves: Elves are athletic (start with Athletics d6), quick (Speed is 35ft.), and can see
well in the dark (gain the Low Light Vision Ability). They start with only 2

Hhilachi: Hhilachi are amphibious (gaining a +2 bonus to swim and able to swim at
their full Speed), cold-blooded (incurring a -4 penalty to resist the effects of a cold
environment), and can walk on walls (able to move about vertical surfaces, even
upside down, with no additional equipment at their full Speed). They start with
only four Qualities. Hhilachis are humanoid with frog-like skin with webbing
between their toes.

Schrilang: Schrilang are intimidating (starting with Intimidation d6), have natural
melee weapons (DMG 4), and are slow (Speed is 20ft). They start with only three
Qualities. Schrilang are humanoids with bodies like that of a scorpion, but without
legs. They move about on a snake-like tail that allows them to stand upright.

If there is another race you would like to play let me know and we can discuss it.
Being of another race may impose charisma modifiers when dealing with others.

Entropic Gaming System Beta test

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